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Why Everyone Should Learn the English Language

English is an amazing language. Of all the languages on Earth, English is arguably the most beneficial and important one anybody can learn. Here are 10 reasons everyone should learn English:

  1. The best reason to learn English is because it is the most spoken language in the world. According to certain reports, 20 percent of the world population can either speak or communicate in English.
  2. Also, English is the official language of 53 countries. This means that you would be able to visit a huge percentage of the world’s countries and automatically be able to communicate first-hand with the citizens of those nations.
  3. With that many countries having English as the official language, it makes sense that as of 2010, 359 million people spoke English as their native tongue. This means you have an exuberant amount of people you’d be able to talk to!                              
  4. English has become the language of the sciences. You will be hard pressed to go to another country and not find signs, tours, restaurants, or the citizens who have at least basic communication skills in English. Furthermore, if you are going into any science field and want to study beyond a bachelor’s degree, it is essential that you learn English so that you can communicate, comprehend, and add to the world conversation about your field. Because English is the language of all technology, knowing English means that you are going to stand out when it comes to getting a job in that profession.
  5. English is also the language of the media. This means that if you know English, subtitles will be a thing of the past. You will get watch your favourite English speaking movies, television series, read books, or listen to songs.
  6. The Internet is also ruled by the English language. Many amazing and important websites are written in English, meaning you’d be able to interact in the online community more than ever before!
  7. Because so much of the world is predicated on the English language, you will get a level of satisfaction after you have learned English. This is because you will be able to communicate with a huge portion of the world’s population and comprehend the sciences, media, and facets of the Internet. Not everyone can say the same.
  8. Another intriguing reason to learn English is because it is actually a fun language. Like with any language, when learning English, you get to learn about the cultures that primarily use English, meaning you will grow as a person since you are learning about the habits, values, and ways of life in a culture that isn’t your own.
  9. Not only is it fun, but English is also quick to learn since it is based on a simple alphabet. This makes it quite easier to learn compared to other languages like Russian or Mandarin.
  10. Lastly, you should learn English because of one word; opportunity. With programmes all over the world that are only offered in English, you really are opening the door up to experience things that you couldn’t otherwise. Find more information on English Tutors In Melbourne at ESL Tutoring Services.