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Author: Elizabeth S

Feeling overwhelmed managing all your staff? I’ve created this free resource to help you create your Superstar day! You can access your gift here. You know how you’re an HR […]
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Here at ESL Tutoring, we are the real-world English experts. We develop lessons tailored to each student’s individual needs to ensure they receive real-world English tutoring. Recently, Catherine was tutoring […]
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Is improving your English a goal for 2017? Maybe you’ve been putting this off for a few years because it seems too hard. Self-improvement comes in many forms. A New Year’s […]
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In Australia, we often like to shorten words or use slang. It can be hard to understand what is acceptable in emails and what are the expectation on professional business documents. […]
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Being a professional in the workplace with Australians, or Aussies, as they’re affectionately known, is an amazing experience. Aussies are some of the nicest, most personable individuals on the planet, […]
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