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In an ethnically and culturally diverse country like Australia, it’s common to hear languages such as Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Italian, in otherwise English-dominant communities.There are also efforts 
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Contributed by Barbara (Canberra ESL Team) Okay, you’ve decided to take an English language test, now what? Here are 5 must-do’s to help you prepare.   Research the exam beforehand 
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These days, mobile apps, websites and videos are specifically produced to help beginners and advanced learners master English grammar and expand their vocabulary. In fact, with the numerous resources available 
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Contributed by Barbara (Canberra ESL Team) Struggling to write at your job is not an uncommon experience. Even some native speakers find it difficult to adapt their hard-won essay writing 
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Ashley started with ESL Tutoring Services in April 2015 in Melbourne. She worked for 18 months with a variety of clients. Her clients ranged from corporates needing to expand their 
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Contributed by Barbara (Canberra ESL Team) The International English Language Test (IELTS) is one of the most widely recognised English language proficiency tests available. Both Australia and New Zealand accept 
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Learning English is different from mastering the language. Many students who’ve taken formal language classes have already mastered the finer points of English grammar. But when engaging in conversations with 
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Kota, a native to Japan, had always dreamed of living abroad after spending 3 years in South Africa with his family when he was a young child.  Even though he 
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