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Corporate English Lessons

Recently Bruce and I were catching up to discuss Bruce’s teaching philosophy and the ‘why’ behind what we offer in Melbourne. Bruce is one of our amazing team members in 
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Happy April Fools! Hope you enjoyed the fun and had a terrific Easter. While we are not yet ready to teach your pets English we are ready to help you. 
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You may have to work hard to reach the top of your field, but to finesse an email, we must start at the top. Ensure the subject line is well-chosen. 
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I am a fan of new year’s resolutions. I’m really good at listing them, dreaming up my new goals. Fulfilling them, however, is an altogether different story! One reason is 
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Known as the ‘silly season’, the ‘festive season’, the ‘holidays’ or simply ‘xmas’, Christmas is a great opportunity to build positive relationships with your work contacts by incorporating a Christmas 
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