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English Tutoring Sydney

English is a universal language that connects people from all over the world.  English is also amazing given its vast vocabulary, with nearly a quarter of a million words. It’s 
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Contributed by Georgina (Sydney ESL Team)   Ever tried to learn a new language from a textbook? It’s hard work, reading and memorising new words, trying to make sense of 
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Kota, a native to Japan, had always dreamed of living abroad after spending 3 years in South Africa with his family when he was a young child.  Even though he 
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Contributed by Georgina (Sydney ESL Team)   Having a conversation in any language can be tricky.  People speak quickly, you need to listen and understand what is being said and 
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There’s more to learning English than just memorising grammar rules and expanding your vocabulary. Mastering the English language means getting your pronunciation and diction right. This can be difficult, especially 
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Did you know that English is a “stressed” language?  Unlike many other languages, when we speak English, some words are spoken (and heard) more loudly than others.  Not every word 
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This week, the ESL Tutoring Services blog will be featuring Georgina, who has been on the Sydney ESL teaching team for over a year and will also be one of our 
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