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Why English Tutoring in Melbourne?

ESL Tutoring is a unique and flexible English Tutoring Service in Melbourne. We have an incredible team of tutors who are ready to meet you and help you improve your English. Learn to improve your business English in the city of Melbourne today. Our services are offered by highly skilled tutors who deliver one-on-one English tutoring in Melbourne, including Business and Professional English tutoring for students of all ages and nationalities wishing to improve professional skills in the English language. When engaged in the English tutoring Melbourne program, you can expect lessons that cover a variety of written and spoken grammar and usage.

Why Customers Love Us

I had a very positive and productive experience with ESL tutoring and would recommend this company to anyone learning English. I’ve taken private English lessons before, but I have never met a tutor who cared about student’s success, as much as mine. Her professionalism, in-depth knowledge and a genuine desire to help is second to none. She gave a clear and thorough explanation of the grammar issues I was struggling with. What’s more, my tutor provided invaluable support and useful writing tips in getting my cover letters and CV up to required standard that allowed me to land a few job interviews. My tutor was an excellent English tutor and I can’t speak highly enough of her“. TATIANA SAPOZHKOVA

Personalised Pathways

English Tutoring Melbourne offers professional English lessons that are personalised to your learning needs. As our program is individually structured with specific feedback, it is focused on you, the individual. You will not be rushed or slowed down to fit another’s pace. Your education plan is our focus – the English tutoring Melbourne program fits your language needs.We are dedicated to making the professional English tutoring program accessible. This program will engage you in your learning program as soon as you are ready. The individually tailored program moves students through each lesson module at a comfortable rate of completion for the individual. Our organisation prides itself on customer service, giving each student the best quality professional English tutor and English lessons.

Develop Professional Skills

We can design lessons to include:

  • Accent reduction and pronunciation – understanding the sounds through verbal expression.
  • Increasing vocabulary by learning idiomatic expressions with a English business tutor guiding your progress. This will improve your reading, writing, and speaking abilities.
  • Grammar for business English tutoring, which fosters correction through written work while practising proper usage.
  • Oral presentations with practical meeting skills, providing speaking experience with an audience giving feedback and support.
  • Email writing, providing netiquette standards and a business English tutor to provide practical suggestions for improvement.
  • Proposal writing – a formal, polished writing format integrating grammar and usage into a technical application with feedback from your English tutor to help you improve.
  • Public speaking skills – formal speaking opportunities with your English tutor giving constructive feedback with a variety of topics.

Increase Speaking Confidence

Our friendly one-on-one learning environment encourages learning with constructive feedback and guidance. You will grow at a quick pace, learning and mastering the grammar, usages and language patterns of written and spoken English. The English Tutoring Melbourne program is a gateway to removing language barriers. Our friendly tutoring service helps you build confidence while developing your skills. ESL Tutoring is thriving in the innovative city of Melbourne. We are unique, flexible, and focused on the student as an individual.

IELTS in Melbourne

Are you considering IELTS? If so, begin with our EASy Report™  to assess your IELTS equivalent and then we will design a plan for each individual language skill. We then recommended at least 10 hours of coaching in order to improve in each section – reading, writing, speaking or listening – by 0.5 points. We are here to help, and we will design each lesson to your IELTS needs. If you are doing general or academic IELTS let us know and we can help.

Living and Working in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city planning for growth and developing a plan for the future. This progressive city finds the balance between corporate growth and sustainability. Forward-thinking community members engaged in a conversation that has resulted in a plan – Future Melbourne 2026. This is an important consideration for future and present businesses because Melbourne is  planning for expansion while keeping its unique personality intact. Shaping the future includes more than the cosmopolitan connection that the beautiful city maintains; it’s also about the complexity of sustainability within rapid growth. The goals have led to the creation of green, food producing public spaces, addressing climate change and providing community facilities. These complex ecosystems engage the community in gardening and conversation.

Education in Melbourne

Melbourne offers a brilliant range of Universities, government and non-government schools. Melbourne has many Catholic schools and Independent schools. The majority of Victorian and Melbourne schools are co-educational, with a small number of Victorian or Melbourne schools either boys’ schools or girls’ schools. Government schools in Melbourne and Victoria are non-denominational and among non-government schools, there are Catholic schools and Independent schools representing a range of religious faiths or no denomination. For more information go to http://www.australianschoolsdirectory.com.au/melbourne-schools.php