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english tutoring sydney

Why English Tutoring in Sydney?

Our English tutoring in Sydney gives you flexibility when it comes to where and when you would like to have your English tutoring. We assist students with unique English needs. One-on-one English tutoring helps you with your cultural and settlement issues that are part of everyday life in Sydney, giving you the self-confidence you need to meet your goals. These services consist of: English as a foreign language (EFL), English as an additional language (EAL), English for speakers of other languages, and English language learners (ELL).

Customised English Tutoring in Sydney

You’ll love our company! ESL Tutoring Services provides outstanding English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring with our highly experienced tutors in Sydney. Our corporate English tutoring and English language training to a great assortment of people includes: people that live overseas and staff members, people that desire permanent residency, students, children, and anybody that wants to speak English better.

Personalised Pathways

Based on the results of your EASy Report™, English tutoring Sydney will develop a personalised pathway specifically designed to meet your needs. Your lessons will only focus on the goals you want to achieve. The tuition can cover accent reduction and pronunciation improvement which will help you on your English learning journey. We also help you improve your vocabulary by teaching you the rules of phonetics and the proper pronunciation of sounds. Our excellent tutoring staff can also help develop your grammar and vocabulary by teaching you how to give presentations, learn set phrases, stages, and communication techniques.

Business English Writing

English tutoring Sydney will focus on email writing which is another important element of our ELL tutoring. Learning how to correctly write an email is just one part of our valuable writing training. Part of our EFL tutoring and EAL tutoring is learning how to write proposals. Writing a proper proposal is very important in the business and corporate world – an essential part of working in Sydney. Our Sydney English tutors also help students with public speaking skills. We help with public speaking by ensuring that our clients are equipped with the skills needed to communicate effectively.

Professional Speaking

We are here to help you learn to say the right words to confidently speak to everyone. Our company, ESL tutoring, and our staff, are very fortunate to be here in Sydney serving you with all we have, to improve your personal and professional lives. We gain a clear understanding of your needs and deliver lessons which can focus on accent reduction, increase your vocabulary and pronunciation.

IELTS Tutoring Sydney

Our professional tutoring team are specialists at developing IELTS tutoring programs which will increase your reading, writing, speaking and listening score where required. The EASy Report™ assesses your IELTS equivalent and will enable our tutors to design a plan for each individual skill. It is recommended that 10 hours of tuition is required to go up in any test section by 0.5 points. All our IELTS tutors are qualified, experienced and achieve great results with their students. Lessons include academic & general IELTS Reading, academic & general IELTS writing along with practice tests.

Sydney Information

Living in Sydney provides many opportunities for working professionally in the areas of business, government and manufacturing. Sydney’s cultural and architectural contributions are known the world over, particularly in the form of Sydney’s famous opera house. Overall, Sydney is a modern and pleasant place for conducting commerce. Our Sydney tutoring services offer convenient access to ESL tutors to help with all your English learning needs. We are here to help professionals as well as students, native citizens, those seeking permanent residency, and anyone else who is desirous of improving their skills in English communication. Sydney also has a lot of beautiful scenery despite the fact that it is a modern metropolis. There are a lot of large parks and nature reserves. One of its national parks (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park) has wallabies and wild turkeys that roam through it. The Royal National Park is the second oldest national park in the world. Lane National Park is also close to Chatswood train station.

Living and Working in Sydney

Sydney also has a thriving economy which makes it a good place to work. For its residents that work, it has a wonderful public transportation system. There are a variety of different places for people to work. They include property, retail, health, and information technology. The Australian Stock Exchange and Reserve Bank are also based in Sydney. There are so many terrific reasons to reside and work in Sydney, Australia. Another reason is that it is a good sized city, with a lot of diversity and is connected to the world. Sydney and its diverse network of suburbs brings this city to life with its international character and cultural diversity. Leichhardt is Sydney’s Little Italy because it is home to some of the city’s best Italian restaurants and cafes. Bondi is stunning with its beaches and vast shopping complex. There are sensational restaurants and local markets all across Sydney.

Sydney Beaches

Whales can also be seen from the Eastern Coastline of Sydney twice a year migrating south during Australia’s winter and then back up north during the spring. Along the Southern Coastal Walk, whales can be seen during these times breaching in the distance. Occasionally, a whale will wander into Sydney harbour which makes the ferries go slower and creates delays for commuters. Sydney is also a safe place for families to live, a place where they can easily connect with other families. The community centres are the heart of each village where parents and children can get together for kid-oriented activities, classes, childcare, and groups for new mothers. There are also parks in every suburb where parents and children assemble and make new friends.

Sydney Schools

Sydney also has one of the world’s best public school systems, religious schools, and private schools. Sydney has a lot of the attractions that big cities have like museums, an opera house, and historic sites. Children can experience the attractions that a big city would offer while having a small town feeling because every suburb has its one-of-a-kind character and a strong sense of community. Sydney has a range of excellent universities for international students.