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Erika is Flying Sky High with Virgin Australia and ESL Tutoring.

Erika is Flying Sky High with Virgin Australia and ESL Tutoring

Erika is a young woman in her early 20’s. She grew up in Japan, her father is Japanese and her mother is Australian. Erika is a native Japanese speaker and her English needed improvement to achieve her goals. Erika had very little confidence when communicating in the English language. It had always been Erika’s childhood dream to be an air stewardess, so she came to Australia to fulfil that dream. However, when she came to Australia, she was very shy and she lived in Sydney in a totally Japanese speaking environment. Knowing she needed help, Erika came to ESL Tutoring to prepare her for an Air Stewardess course.

At first, Erika struggled greatly with the complex language and vocabulary in the training manuals but slowly, week by week, she fought to improve. The first two months were very hard work for her. Her tutor, Dan, did not push her but used a gentle coaching style of teaching so she would maintain her enthusiasm. As each week went by, he saw that Erika become more and more determined to achieve her goals.

The course was tough with tests each week, every week she got through her tests and got better and better as her confidence grew. After six months with the help of Dan, Erika started applying for jobs and she was then faced with the daunting task of a language test. Dan prepared her for the test and when she sat the exam she passed with flying colours!

Erika passed the final exams of her course and graduated just before Christmas 2018. The team at ESL Tutoring are very proud of her and shared in her joy. In late December 2018, Virgin Australia offered her a position, and after six weeks of intensive training with exams each Monday requiring 80% or more to pass, she again passed with excellent scores. The once shy, withdrawn, young woman who came to Australia is now living her dream and happily doing the job she had always wanted to do.

Learning English is not only about learning a language, it can also be about learning a culture. This is especially true when you want to live or work in an English-speaking country. There are hundreds of grammar books on the market, but none of them teach you the day to day language that is used by native speakers. Something that surprises many English language learners is that English itself is spoken differently in different countries and even different cities. For example, expressions used in Sydney may not be used by people in Melbourne, and some words used in Brisbane may not be understood in London.

In addition to this, each student has their own individual needs and reason for studying English. Maybe your main focus is grammar, or perhaps pronunciation. Maybe you want to learn words that you need to know for your job, or what you should or shouldn’t say in the workplace. Or perhaps you need advice on Australian social customs.

That’s why at ESL Tutoring we tailor our lessons for YOUR particular needs. As every person is unique, so the lessons we prepare are also different for each individual student. At ESL Tutoring, we don’t just go from one chapter to another in a text book. We teach you what YOU want to know and our tutors put in the extra effort to help you achieve your goals. We don’t just teach English, we live English! You can learn more about our team and our services here – https://www.esltutoringservices.com/english-tutoring-sydney/

Elizabeth Stennett - Program Director at ESL Tutoring Services

I”m Elizabeth, the Program Director here at ESL Tutoring Services we are a bespoke English coaching agency, we work with professional people to deliver customised results. We’ve been doing this for over 14 years, I’ve been in this role for almost 5 years.

My passion is to equip people to achieve their goals. We’ve developed a plan to best do this. It begins with our EASy Report™ which is a diagnostic that covers reading, writing, speaking and listening. From here we develop a specialised learning plan to ensure your goals are achieved. We are focused on building confidence to increase English communication skills for business people.

Give me a call on 1300 137 186 or email – elizabeth@esltutoringservices.com.