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Communication Problems with Your Staff? We Have the Solution!

Feeling overwhelmed managing all your staff? I’ve created this free resource to help you create your Superstar day! You can access your gift here.

You know how you’re an HR Manager and you have staff who struggle with their English Communication.

What we offer is a tailored English coaching solution specifically designed to meet your staff member’s needs to make your life easier.

In fact, we’ve been helping HR Mangers at companies such as BMW, Nissan and Toll for the last 14 years.

In case you wanted to know more about us I’ve answered some questions for you and your staff below.

What services do we offer?

We deliver high-quality one on one English Coaching for professionals. This means we develop a tailored solution for each individual learner based on the results of their Easy report™. We can also offer small group training designed specifically for your team.

What is the EASy Report™?

This is always our starting point. It gives us a clear picture of the current speaking, reading and writing levels of your staff member. Our English Analysis System – EASy Report™ is a quantitative and qualitative diagnostic tool that provides a very clear snapshot of the current level of English competency across the four vital parameters of speaking, reading, writing and listening. A single 60-minute session, one-on-one, with a highly qualified tutor trained in delivering the EASy Report™ diagnostic tool is all it takes. We are then able to design a very specific tailor made learning pathway for that learner. Our ESL Tutors are certified EASy Report™ assessors.

Where does the English Coaching take place?

We come to you, and we deliver lessons when and where it works for the learner. This may be before, after or during work hours. It can also be on weekends.

Where do we operate?

We Nationwide, we have tutor’s in each major city in Australia. Let us know where you are located and I’ll match the best tutor for your needs. How much does it cost? We will have a strategy session and this will allow me to understand your needs. Then I’ll put together a proposal to deliver the outcomes you require based on your budget and reporting needs. To book your free strategy session you can get started here.

How do ! pay?

Once the proposal has been approved then I will send you a welcome email with your tutor details along with an invoice for payment. The invoice has links for you to make a credit card payment online. You can also pay by bank transfer or send to your accounts department and I can arrange payment with them.
How long will it take to reach my goals? Our EASy Report™ will give your results and recommendations for your staff member which will give you a clear picture on what it will take to meet the desired outcomes. We say from beginner to mastery it generally takes 100 hours of one on one English Coaching.

Can I meet the tutor?

You can see our tutoring team on the website here – and view their profiles. Once I have a clear picture of what you need I’ll send you a welcome email which has all your tutor’s contact details. The tutor will then be in touch with the staff member to arrange their English Coaching.

Do you offer lessons to native English speakers?

Yes! We often tutor student who need to up-skill in a particular area of their English communication.

Will I receive a certificate or qualification?

No, you will receive real-world functional English to up-skill you within your role. Our customers don’t need another certificate to hang on the wall they need English communication skills to do their job.

What if we are not happy with the tutor?

Talk to me, if the tutor is not a right fit I’ll find one that is. If you want to stop lessons for any reason, we can provide a refund for the lessons that have not been delivered.

What if I am traveling for work and I need to postpone the lesson?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so if you know it advances that you will need to reschedule a lesson then you can contact your tutor directly to make the changes. We are flexible in our approach because we understand the pressures of daily life.

How often do you need to have lessons?

We recommend 90 minutes twice a week for optimal learning outcomes. This means the learner has enough time to consolidate what they are learning between lessons but allows reinforcement from the tutor regularly. However, we are flexible in our approach so we can work around your needs. Will I receive homework?

It’s up to you!

The tutor can give you as much work as you want to do outcomes of the lessons. Learning is totally dependant on how much time and energy you give to it. We recommend you put as much focus on the lessons as you can so you get the best out of the experience.

What if I only need to focus on one skill?

We design the lessons specifically for your needs, if you only need to develop your writing for a particular purpose, then that is all we deliver. You tell us what you need, and we deliver the outcomes you require.

What if I need to complete IELTS?

We can deliver on on one IELTS lessons to help you reach your target score. To find out more information you can visit our website


Or book in a free strategy session here