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Finish With The Beginning

There’s an old saying you may have heard about the blind leading the blind.  The obvious inferred implication is that both parties go nowhere.  They had planned on going somewhere but they could have ended up anywhere!  It’s a kaleidoscope of potential catastrophe.

But that’s got nothing to do with us, right?

We know where we want to go and we’ll get busy being productive to make sure we get there.

In fact, we are already doing it.  Before the mid-morning coffee we have busied ourselves in all manner of very important activities like, developing, deliberating, delineating, dissecting and detoxing.  We get training, charting, recording, meeting, planning, caffeinating, plotting, graphing, and reporting.  We are busy getting where we want to be getting.

But is all our getting to get there getting us what we actually want?  We look ahead, we see what we want and where we want to be.  We press onwards towards our ever glorious future and impending success!

Deciding on the activity path to get where we are going can be a bit like being in a giant maze though.  Sometimes our activity starts out looking good but ends up in a dead end – a fizzer.  Running after the rabbit has led us into the warren – which way to go now?  It was a great idea but it just didn’t work out.  Why not?  Maybe there is an answer.

It’s not that you don’t have purpose.  You know where you want to be.

It’s not that you are afraid of hard work.  You have the motivation.

It’s not that you are not smart enough.  You have what it takes.

Maybe it’s not the finishing point causing the blockage but the starting point.   The ancient Greek aphorism ‘know thyself’ resonates.   In order to get to a finish point of any worth, then, clarity on the starting point is an imperative.   Taking the time, the initiative and mounting the courage to engage in a frank and revealing personal analysis matters.  An assessment of where I am and what I have; what I am not and what I do not have.  Ouch!

For those of us driven to succeed who value contribution in activity and results, the simplicity smacks like a fish across the face!  Can it be that the pursuit to attain our lofty goals is in fact strengthened by stopping to evaluate the starting point?  To know thyself.

Yes.  A realisation that is both liberating and frustrating.    Liberating, that I can acknowledge the skills, the tools, the resources and all the other implications towards success and frustrating that it requires me to focus on the present and not the abstract image of the magnificent future perceive.

So, in the words of another great philosopher of the 1990’s – Vanilla Ice – let’s “stop, collaborate and listen.”  Let’s take the time to make an assessment of our current position: our level of learning, knowledge, ability, confidence and competence.   Let’s commit to our future success by committing to know our present position.

Once we know the starting point, our journey can really begin.

David Stennett
Managing Director ESL Tutoring Services
Educator and Encourager  | Creator of the 4wards Program

*If you or someone you know could benefit from some assistance with English then please ask us about our “Full 30 Point Need Analysis and Report”.  This may be the starting point you need towards your successful future.