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How to Improve and take your English to the next level

Learning English is one of the hardest things you will probably do in your lifetime. Like learning any new language, the further you move forward, the harder learning that language will become. But so many people cross that barrier from novice to master all over the world, so you know it is achievable for you as well. With so many resources available to you thanks to the internet, there are numerous tips on how to both improve and take your English to the next level.

One of the best ways to really fine-tune your English is to devote the time to practising and learning one song on repeat. Find a song that you really really enjoy listening to, get the lyrics to that song, and learn the entire piece in and out! If you really want to challenge yourself, find an artist that you really love, and learn their entire album, making it a goal not to move forward until you have learned the entire thing. This may seem tedious, but it really helps you to understand how words are heard rather than said, an important component to fluency.


Alongside this method, it is also a good idea to find a television show that you really enjoy and hone in on a particular character from that show. By paying attention to just one individual, you will be able to really understand how certain expressions are meant to be said and the general persona that is attached to a native-speaker of English. Not only is it important to learn from an individual character on the show, but to watch how the native English speakers mouth appears as they speak. This can get a bit peculiar if you watch stranger’s mouths, but can be a great learning technique when speaking to a native speaker or watching a television program. In every language, native speakers move their tongues, lips, and teeth differently, so it is a great chance to mirror others and learn from your mistakes.

From the beginning of learning English, your tutors probably told you to hold onto your ‘beginners’ material. When learning something new, we often are taught the basics in the beginning, and so often it is essential to refresh our brains on the basics. In reviewing past lessons, you are ensuring that the English is actually something that is going to be imbedded in your mind because you are practicising with a vengeance. Fluency doesn’t come from learning new words everyday, but instead, comes from mastering the fundamentals. Learning the fundamentals are going to be easier if you are to relocate to a native English speaking area. If you were to study English abroad, it is key that you don’t fall into bad habits of speaking in your native tongue. This will hinder your studies and make you lazy in your quest to really become fluent. Furthermore, you must get used to setting out goals for yourself in order to become fluent. Maybe one day you pretend to be lost in the city and start conversations asking for directions. Maybe your goal is bigger and you are striving to get a job where you must work with the public, daily engaging in English. All of these examples are sure ways to getting you to that next level of learning English, it is just a matter of dedication!

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