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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the world’s most recognised and utilised English language proficiency tests used for University entry and global migration programs. It is highly regarded and widely recognised by employers, governments, educational institutions and professional bodies around the world. IELTS is the main test of choice for assessing English proficiency for immigration purposes used by governments in Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

IELTS tests the full range of skills required for success in a new job or study placement abroad. An individual will be assessed on the four skills areas of: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

There are two IELTS tests available:

  • IELTS Academic – tests whether an individual’s English language proficiency is suitable for an academic environment, such as a University setting.
  • IELTS General – tests an individual’s English language proficiency in a practical setting, reflecting both workplace and social contexts.


ESL Tutoring’s experienced IELTS tutors provide private tutoring sessions to adults and professionals who need to take the IELTS, helping you to study for and pass the test with flying colours. One-to-one IELTS tutoring will help you improve your score in each section of the test. Your lessons will focus 100% on the language areas and test sections that you need to improve.

Why Hire an IELTS Tutor?

Having an experienced IELTS tutor presents plenty of benefits for you. These include:

  • Improving your general English skills, including speaking skills, pronunciation, grammar, spelling, reading, writing and vocabulary.
  • Providing you with some life-saving test tips, strategies and techniques to significantly improve your score and perform your best on test day.
  • Providing regular practice opportunities, particularly in speaking and listening, with constant feedback and correction being provided by your tutor.
  • Increased confidence to sit the test and tackle the sections.
  • Access to good practice materials – your tutor will provide you with opportunities to complete past IELTS tests, so that you get a better understanding of the test format and the types of questions that will be asked.


IELTS: All Sections – Academic and General

One-to-one IELTS tutoring will help you improve your score in each section of the test. Your lessons focus 100% on the language areas and test sections that you need to address. Your tutor will work with you to improve your general English level, including speaking skills, pronunciation, grammar, spelling, reading, writing and vocabulary, as well as teach you some life-saving test tips, strategies and techniques to significantly improve your score. They can give you a clear idea of how many lessons you will need to achieve your target score. We find that students need approximately 15 hours of tuition to go up in any test section by 0.5 points. All our IELTS tutors are qualified, experienced and achieve great results with their students. Lessons include:

  • IELTS Speaking
  • IELTS Listening
  • Academic & General IELTS Reading
  • Academic & General IELTS Writing
  • English Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises

IELTS Test Tips and Information:

Speaking Section Tips

  • Work on your pronunciation so you sound clear and confident.
  • Listen carefully to the questions and be sure to answer what is asked – if you do not understand or did not catch a question, use a natural expression to ask what they said: ”Sorry, I didn’t get that. Could you say that again?”
  • Prepare for known topics: always prepare to talk about your home and job and be able to describe these in detail.

Listening Section Tips

  • Check your spelling in answers as incorrect spelling will be marked down.
  • Listen to the information after discourse markers, such as: but, however, etc., as often the relevant information is here.
  • Listen carefully! Do lots of practice in listening activities for details.

Reading Section Tips

  • Read the questions carefully.
  • Practise regular reading of academic texts every day to increase your speed and confidence.
  • Learn the techniques for skimming, scanning and reading carefully.

Writing Section Tips

  • Brainstorm ideas and make a plan for your essay or letter.
  • Answer the question properly and use linking words: also, however, in conclusion.
  • Check your spelling as this will be marked down if incorrect.
  • Review the present, the past and future tenses, also the conditional and present perfect verb tenses.

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Irrespective of where you live, our Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra tutors can help you achieve your desired outcome. Sydney and Melbourne are multicultural cities where over 250 languages are spoken. It therefore provides a golden opportunity to practice listening to different accents in real-life for the IELTS listening test. According to the 2016 census, over one third of Sydney and Melbourne residents were born overseas, so you also have ample opportunity to practice your speaking with friendly Sydney-siders and Melbournians without feeling self-conscious.

By having more universities than many other cities, you won’t have to travel far to travel to a university library to find journals and books to practice your academic reading skills. These can also help to improve your vocabulary and sharpen your IELTS academic writing skills by seeing numerous examples of how to present and justify opinions, and to analyse and assess problems.

ESL Tutoring Services is ready to help you pass the IELTS test with flying colours. Call us on 1300 137 186 or e-mail for enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the tutoring and coaching sessions held?

One of the best things about ESL Tutoring Services is that you get to choose when and where you want to take your lessons. We can meet at your home, at a café, in your office, a public library or do everything online.

Are the tutors and coaches qualified?

Everyone in our teaching team holds a University degree and a CELTA or TESOL qualification, together with experience as an ESL tutor for professionals, so rest assured you’re in competent hands. All our IELTS are qualified, experienced and achieve great results with their students.

How often are the sessions held?

The frequency of your lessons depends entirely on you! If you need to learn faster and your schedule allows, you can have an intensive programme. However, if your IELTS test is only a few months away, we would recommend a minimum of two 90-minute sessions per week for optimal results. This means the learner has enough time to consolidate what they are learning between lessons and allows reinforcement from the tutor regularly.

How much will my lessons cost?

We don’t have any lock in contracts, we are outcomes driven so you are only paying for the lessons you want. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach, each learner is different – having different needs and learning goals. We can develop a learning program that is customised to your needs. Contact us today to obtain a quote.

How do I sign-up for lessons?

Being our newest student is easy! Give us a ring on 1300 137 186 and we’ll give you all the information you need to kickstart your English learning journey and help you achieve your desired IELTS score.

What can I expect from the first lesson?

Our starting point for IELTS students is generally the completion of a mock IELTS exam paper. You will go through the completed sections with your tutor in your lesson and learn where you need to improve. Alternatively, we can start with the EASy Report which is our proprietary diagnostic assessment tool that provides a very clear snapshot of your level of English competency across the four language skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening. Based on your results we can make an individual learning plan specifically for you.

Recent testimonial from a satisfied business professional who passed her IELTS test:

“Claudia, thank you again for all your support and for adjusting your time to my crazy work schedules. Your advice and insights about the test helped me a lot and the score in the writing section is definitely the outcome of your investment in me.” Senior Executive from Mercedes Benz (2020)


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