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Make English Proficiency a Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

This is a great time of year for fresh starts and setting goals.  There is an energy and enthusiasm in the air which makes you feel like you can take on the world and get things done.  I love getting out on my bike and cycling.  Interestingly, at this time of year there is a significant increase of people out riding with me.  However, I know from previous years that as it starts to get a little colder in coming months there is a huge drop off in the number of people who continue to make the effort.

It’s a time of a new beginning and a time to capitalise on the energy around us to become better.  An opportunity to improve ourselves and  develop a new skill. Australia is the land of opportunities. According to the ABS Two-thirds of migrants are currently employed and more than half (56%) of employed migrants had changed their occupation since arriving in Australia. Further information can be found in Labour Force Status and Other Characteristics of Migrants, 2004.

Maybe you have staff who are from a non-English speaking background who are not producing the quality of work that your Company needs? We can help you. ESL Tutoring specialises in making your life easier to upskill your staff to speak clearly, listen intently, write concisely and read thoroughly in English.

As an employer or HR manager the statistics (91% of Australian businesses) indicate that your business will include people from non-English speaking backgrounds.   You can help your people work more effectively within the English speaking business requirements and achieve their potential.   We have helped staff employed as engineers, hairdressers, marketing managers, directors and surveyor’s, it doesn’t matter what industry you work within we have tutors who can develop the skills of your staff.  Please give us a call today so that we can put together a tailor made package that will meet your desired outcomes.   You may be surprised just how much we can accomplish for so little.

Let’s act on the enthusiasm of New Year’s resolutions and ensure that 2016 is the best year yet for you and every one of your staff.

Elizabeth Stennett
Program Director ESL Tutoring Services