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It’s time to dive in to learning English, and we help you take the plunge.

Deep dive in to leaning English

Here in Australia it is fast approaching summer. Excited about this, I decided to go for a swim at my local beach the other day. My favourite beach is Kings Beach, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Australia has so many beautiful beaches including Bondi in Sydney and if you are a keen surfer you need to try Bells Beach in Victoria.

However, just because the air temperature is warming up, doesn’t mean the water temperature is! It was freezing! I entered the water and the only choice I had was to back out… or proceed. I flung myself into the waves and began swimming to generate body heat.

Before I knew it, I was feeling good in the water. I didn’t stay in long, but when I got out I felt invigorated.

This is why I was determined to swim in the first place – I knew the feeling afterward would be incredibly refreshing, and it was.

Similarly, with learning English, the best idea is to throw yourself into the new culture, here in Australia. You will learn a lot faster and feel a keen sense of satisfaction once you do, as your comprehension and communication skills improve.

This immersion is what we encourage our students to do. However, sometimes we need help in the process.

I grew up going to the beach, and I feel confident swimming. I can read the water for dangerous spots, and feel comfortable amid the waves.

Not everyone is the same. When I visit a very cold area, for example, I don’t like it one bit! The snow, while beautiful, is very foreign to me. If you’ve not grown up on the coast in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth you may not be used to reading the waves.

This is where ESL Tutoring comes in. We will help you immerse yourself in Australian work, life and culture. We want you to learn and grow in your English language skills as quickly and fully as possible. We start by listening to you to understand the particular barriers you face. We then walk with you as you proceed into the great unknown – aiding, explaining and supporting you as you go.

Just like the ocean, learning English can be daunting to enter into at first. Here at ESL Tutoring Services, we help make the process as enjoyable and engaging as possible. That is because our services are delivered are one on one which means a private English coach just for you.

So if you’re willing to take the plunge, we will ensure that you will feel satisfied for having done so. And maybe even enjoy the swim!

If you would like to see what we offer, download this free Business Course Outline.

Also, you can get started today with an example weekly planner for making English easy.

For more information on our services, get in touch elizabeth@esltutoringservices.com or 1300 137 186.