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Meet the Tutor:  Ashley

Ashley started with ESL Tutoring Services in April 2015 in Melbourne. She worked for 18 months with a variety of clients. Her clients ranged from corporates needing to expand their knowledge of the language for professional development to private clients new to the country and wanting to learn English and more about their new home. After 3 years in China, she moved back to Australia and resumed tutoring in a different location, joining the Canberra ESL team.  Ashley has always enjoyed teaching, whether it is in a class setting, at a homework club or even with her fitness background teaching exercise classes. She likes the one-on-one aspect of the company’s tutoring approach and enjoys meeting new clients and helping them gain confidence in learning English.


What inspired you to become an English tutor?

I love teaching and tutoring. I wasn’t keen on teaching in a large classroom setting, I felt I had the skills and approachability to take on clients individually. Tutoring has allowed me to engage with clients and help them overcome barriers, whether it is re-learning the language after years of not using it or needing to gain confidence in their English skills (speaking, reading, writing or listening). It is very rewarding being a part of this journey for them.


What ongoing learning have you been doing to help the students you tutor?

After completing my TESOL certification, I went on to complete my IELTS and TOEFL Preparation Course. I am always looking for new methods on engaging my clients and making sure I am making the lessons I create for them individualised. Between books and online resources, there are always new things to learn and new methods for English tutoring.


Outside of tutoring, what are your favourite past times?

Fitness is my other passion. I enjoy all things active. From hiking to running and cycling, I keep busy with all of these activities, in addition to being a group fitness instructor in Canberra. I have been involved in fitness classes and personal training for many years.

My family and I also enjoy camping and being outdoors and spending time on the Shoalhaven River.


Share a Quote that inspires you

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver, The Summer Day


What is your favourite part about working with ESL Tutoring Services?

My favourite part about working with ESL Tutoring Services is the individuality and customisation we deliver in our lessons. This tutoring company makes sure that each client has customised learning plans which allows the tutor to focus on exactly what the client needs. I also really enjoy the personal aspect of the tutoring. The tutors get to know their clients and form a relationship, which differs from big companies with big classroom settings. I value every client I have and put their needs first. It has been a pleasure getting to know each of my clients, from all over the world.



Ashley and the rest of the ESL Tutoring Services team are here to help you with all your English learning needs. To learn more about what we can offer, email us on info@esltutoringservices.com or call 1300 137 186.