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Business Proofreading Done Right

In Australia, we often like to shorten words or use slang. It can be hard to understand what is acceptable in emails and what are the expectation on professional business documents. However, professional Business English is an expectation for employees and staff members who are working in Australia. It is important to ensure your professional communications represent proper grammar and usage. Here at ESL Tutoring, we’ve come up with some ideas to help you quickly improve your written communication.

Below are some tips to point out mistakes when proofreading.

Reading Aloud.

Utilising Google’s translation to have your document read back to you is helpful. Google’s program will read your text to you so you can catch errors or discrepancies. Hearing your words, helps you to pick up on errors.

Check with your favourite grammar websites.

Well-established, professional grammar sites like Grammarly or Purdue’s OWL is a convenient way to check your grammar. Find one or more you feel comfortable with and take advantage of the published rules and guidelines for correct English grammar.

Take a rest.

If you feel overwhelmed by writing your document set aside your writing temporarily for at least a few hours, or maybe a day or two. Returning to the proofreading task with a fresh perspective will help you to catch mistakes you may have missed before.

Read backwards and slowly.

Take time to read through your written documents slowly, line by line, to find errors. Another proofreading trick is to read backwards, which forces you to slow down and increases the likelihood of catching mistakes naturally.

When you take the time to write English correctly it will help your career success. Here at ESL Tutoring, we work with business professionals daily to help improve, grammar, emails, proposal, presentation, accent reduction, vocabulary and confidence. We specially design each lesson according business demands and needs. We are looking forward to working with you.