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Tips for clearing IELTS exam in first attempt! Get the score you need with ESL Tutoring

Something that is important to remember is that the IELTS exam is that it is a test of your abilities with the English language. With this being said, it makes sense that if your English language skills are proficient, you are going to have an easier time when you take the test. If your English skills are sub-par, you are going to struggle on your IELTS exam. Furthermore, solely focusing on the prep material out of books or off the internet is not going to be the best way to prepare for the exam. Here are some tips that are proven to help you pass your IELTS exam on the first try!

Make sure you are using English as often as possible. This is always easier if you are in an English speaking country, but even if you aren’t that is no excuse. Make sure you are interacting with everything English, whether that is television shows, movies, or online chat forums. If you have any connections with friends or family who speak English, spend a lot of time speaking with them over Skype before you take your IELTS. When you start living your everyday life in English, you are going more likely to receive the best results in your IELTS exam on the first attempt. With that being said, it is also wise to join a club that is English speaking. This could be a local club at a book store or community centre, or you can join forums on the Internet. Speaking in English is always going to help you master the language.

It is also important that you set goals everyday to interact with the English language before you actually take the test. Of those goals, you should mix it up. Maybe one day you are writing in English, the next day you are speaking, and another day you are listening. By interacting with things we enjoy (maybe your favorite show in English in Fresh Prince of Bel Air) it is going to make everything more enjoyable about the language, and it will mean your brain really soaks up the information. By doing this, you are going to give you the sufficient practice you need to succeed on the first try that those books and online forms are never really going to give you.

A last tip to ensure success on your first attempt at taking the IELST is to make sure you fully comprehend why you are wrong about something. Too often, language learners will say or spell parts of the language they are learning incorrectly, and when they are corrected, they don’t really understand why they were wrong in the first place. All languages are made up by following certain rules of grammar, and English is no exception. When you make a mistake, whether it is in speaking or writing, make sure you are really taking the necessary time to understand your mistake. This is going to mean you have a command for the language so that when you take the IELST, you have actually conquered awkward scenarios when it comes to your English language abilities.

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