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Professional English Upskilling

English upskilling is a valuable strategy for businesses where English is a second language for the workforce. That is true today, more so than ever, with the existence of a truly global society. English is now the most commonly used language in commerce and trade and is recognised as the international business language. This means that companies around the world can benefit from fluency in this language. And to be truly competitive, it’s actually an imperative.

Business English Lessons
English Lessons are an effective way of upskilling in this complex workplace environment. A focus on Business English is preferred for most corporations and professionals seeking English upskilling. While you may have a working knowledge or a rudimentary understanding of the English language, Business English hones in on the areas that are most important in a business setting, helping you improve your fluency with purpose. This approach makes English tuition well worth the investment.

Benefits of our Business English Training
At ESL Tutoring, we recognise the unique needs of ESL businesspersons who are working to increase their English skills to assist them on a professional level. We offer these valuable benefits to help you attain your business English fluency goals.

Address Specific Needs in a Business Context – Your English lessons are tailored to help you succeed on a business level. The topics and skills you will cover are designed for business settings.

Confident Speaking and Writing – We work with you on both conversation and writing, and help you create emails, reports and other business-related content.

Increase Fluency and Enhance Vocabulary – Your tutoring encompasses common business topics and skills, such as conference calls, phone conversations, in-person meetings, making presentations, negotiating, HR, and other helpful skillsets.

At ESL Tutoring, we understand the value of English Tuition, and we strive to help you reach all of your ESL goals. We have developed a special offer to take your staff to the next level with this professional English tuition offer. Upskill and develop their English to reflect the high quality of work your company produces.

Our English Analysis System – EASy Report™ is a quantitative and qualitative diagnostic tool that provides a very clear snapshot of the current level of English competency across the four vital parameters of speaking, reading, writing and listening. A single 60-minute session, one-on-one, with a highly qualified tutor trained in delivering the EASy Report™ diagnostic tool will set up the specialised plan for the next two lessons.

Special offer includes – EASy Report™ with ‘Results and Recommendations’ reported back to you. Plus 2 individual lessons specifically designed to upskill your staff and improve their English. All for a total of $259 including GST and Tutor Travel.
Improve your employee’s ability to participate further in workplace settings including meetings and the delivery of presentations. This will begin to increase confidence, fluency and comprehension in their English communication.

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