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I am not a robot! Why humans are not going out of business.

ESL Tutoring - we are not robots

I am not a robot! Why humans are not going out of business.

I’m Elizabeth from ESL Tutoring and I am not a robot. Here at ESL Tutoring, we are not an electronic matching system. We are real live humans working with other real live humans to reach their goals.

ESL Tutoring is not a computer-generated algorithm website this is a real-life interaction.

When you call ESL Tutoring you’ll speak with me and I can promise you I’m not a robot. I’m a working mother of three. My passion is to ensure that each person I work with has their life improved.

I want to have a real conversation with you, even if that is in broken English. I can’t stand the fact that I don’t know any other languages. I did learn Japanese at school but without the need to use it every day it is quickly forgotten.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for people who are living and working in Australia and are not native English speakers. I think you are amazing, as you’ve been able to develop an additional skill and you are on your way to becoming fluent in another language.

Which means you are a real-life person as well. Having real conversations at work daily with people about the weather, the footy and your weekend.

This leads me to the fact that you don’t want a robot algorithm to generate you a tutor. You want to talk to me, a real person who can provide you with another real person to tutor you in English. We want to learn your hopes and fears and instil confidence in you to improve your English with a friendly face.

Take Dan for example. Dan is one of our tutors. Dan and I had a meeting a few weeks ago at one of Sydney’s lovely locations ‘The Grounds at Alexandria’.  This photo shows the stunning flowers we saw on the day.

Sydney English Tutoring

There we talked about Dan’s extensive experience as a chartered accountant in financial services and as a business owner in retail. Experience like this gives Dan a wealth of knowledge to support and coach corporate students in all facets of their daily English needs.

Dan has been coaching and tutoring overseas students for several years, has been a student of several European languages in his past and, he well understands the challenges of mastering a foreign language.

Dan is a linguist who specialises in pronunciation and language acquisition. Dan works with corporate Spanish speaking clients along with accountants from multinational organisations.

Dan is just one of our friendly team members. He is a real person with practical commercial experience. He often provides our customers with face to face tutoring at their offices in Sydney.  The skills you develop in these real interactions equip you to have all the business and personal, face to face, real-life interactions you’ll need to progress your career.

To talk to a real person about your individual situation call Elizabeth on 0402 316 391.

Elizabeth Stennett - Program Director at ESL Tutoring Services